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Plastic waste to Oil conversion is needed now!

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I’m sure everybody is aware by all the media attention of the global catastrophe of the mounting plastic waste being dumped into our environment and eco-systems, which has huge unforeseen, and probably irreparable damaging consequences. But nothing has been done to solve this crisis. The time has come. We cannot sit back and wait any longer without feeling any shame for not taking more personal responsibility, especially as the Government and Councils cannot seem to find any satisfactory solutions to the waste disposal that make any sense. It is a national and global travesty of heart-breaking proportions that must be stopped, I’m sure you agree.

There is a machine that converts plastics to back to oil, seen demonstrated in the video link below.  It is simple to use and a logical solution and must surely be seen as at least an attempt to be doing something practical and ethical to solve this crisis.

It comes in various sizes, from domestic to industrial, and needs to become a reality rolled out locally in streets, towns and cities. And yes globally .. why not, in some shape or form for domestic or civic use. I first saw this video a few years ago at a talk in London. The technology is here and has been for a long time, with the evidence to see with so much of the groundwork done already,  it could surely become a dream realised as a larger scale roll out possibility? The video was filmed and supported by the United Nations.

This is so exciting and game-changing as a concept, and practical as a reality. We must shift mind-sets that there is no hope, seen by the application here. It's not just a desperate environmental solution needed from the scourge of packaging production and waste disposal blighting our world but also as an uncomplicated "no-brainer" alternative to providing a sustainable fuel resource and production challenge currently being met by destroying the planet.

Here's the link to the manufacturer of the plastics to oil converter.

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