Plastic Recycling in Fantoft Studentboliger

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Fantoft Studentboliger, according to sammen's webstite, "is a student village with 1300 residential units", in which therefore live a lot of students, that produce every day a lot of waste. We can suppose that at least the 35-40% of those waste it's made of plastic. While the other waste (paper, glass, metal..) can be properly recycled in their bins, the plastic has to be thrown away as a normal garbage. I got in touch with Sammen, and they replied that "there used to be a plastic recycling place at Fantoft, but they had to remove it because the residents did not sort plastic from other things when they threw it in." Having removed the bins, however, led to a "solution" of the problem, but at the expenses of the environment. With a plastic recyling can, we could save a lot of the plastic that is now thrown away as simple waste, and prevent a lot of the co2 emitted in the plastic creation process.

We ask Sammen to restore those bins as soon as possible, and to find a way to prevent studens to insert in those the wrong waste (such as installing cameras, or giving the students trash bags with an ID number (as we do in Italy)).

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