Receipts without dangerous BPA and BPS!

Receipts without dangerous BPA and BPS!

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Bisphenol A (BPA) and also Bisphenol S (BPS) are harmful to health.

The so-called thermal printing paper often contains the aforementioned controversial substances.

This substance still appears in receipts. The chemical is more concentrated in paper and less firmly bound than in plastic (formerly e.g. in baby bottles - now prohibited). This substance gets on the skin and through it into the blood.

The Efsa (EU Food Authority) considers a daily intake of 0.04 milligrams of BPA per kilogram of body weight to be harmless.

For a 12-year-old, 40 kg child, the daily intake limit of 1.6 milligrams of BPA is quickly reached. A receipt with details of about 2 to 3 purchased items can contain up to 9 milligrams of BPA!

(Examination results of till notes published in Greenpeace magazine edition 5.11. Only the Lidl till receipt from Hamburg showed no BPA and BPS. In the Deutsche Bahn Zettel timetable information 0.15 milligrams BPS was measured.)

BPA works similarly to the female sex hormone estrogen and affects reproduction and brain development. Researchers found evidence that it makes men sterile and irreversibly damages the brain maturation of unborn babies and young children. Recent studies have also linked BPA to heart disease, breast and prostate cancer, advanced puberty, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and ejaculation and erection problems.

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment warns against giving children thermal papers such as receipts, receipts, or tickets to play with!

Cashiers are exposed to this chemical intensively. Cashiers have found Bisphenol A in their blood to be twice as high as the rest of the population.

So to reduce the burden at the workplace and also for the general population, a ban on the substance in areas close to food and receipts is urgently required.

Support the ban on Bisphenol A and S in receipts. Thank you.

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