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getting rid of Plarium Greediness and Bold behavior

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I think most people playing the game, not just doing it for getting rid of money or being betrayed by Plariums idiot rip off and concept less game politic. So let’s start to get to the point:

1.) Gold offers for causal and f2p players, should also be offered at least once after 30 days in the game, to paying players which pay Plariums working seats. Doing not so, will bring casual and f2p above paying players in the game, which makes no sense at all. Ok, we all know the greedy and bold strategy behind that, but this has to stop, we won´t buy anything at all, if you don´t change politics!!
2.) Giving something in return. Tasks Refreshers should contain more mats, it’s cruel, bold and greedy again , not to do so. Yellow task should contain at least 1% out of 100 a legendary mats and the same with epic, rare and so on. Invaders should contain more mats equal to the cost of buying endurance packs
3.) Personal Task should be doable to 3rd bonus without the need of buying any Gold Offer, maybe with smaller Bonus packs inside. And create something NEW! Even if your mind has to think differently or just about ripping people off for Greediness.
4.) More sense to the game, not just Greediness!! More competence from Plarium Support, which includes people who not just telling players foolish and senseless bullshit and taking them for idiots. 

Final Conclusion: stop to disperse players which paying for your existence, stop creating many deserted worlds for the good of greed, stop taking us for idiots and foolish pricks, pay attention to that boycott, without the paying players you going nowhere, we will stop playing and the most creepy thing for you, we will stop paying!!

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