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Stop the bullies

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Hayden brett age 9 jason Brett age 8 kadance Brett age 12 years old is being abused in physical and emotional forms on her school bus and in school for the past 3 years. The bus driver, district office, county police and school principal and administration have been notified and begged for an end to the constant bullying by upper classmates mainly 4th and 5th  6th and 9th graders. Haydens a 4rd grader, kadance a 7 grader and Jason a second grader these actions these girls and boys are doing are done in groups of 3 to 6 female children aged 12 to 15, boys aged 10 to 14, They have slaped her kicked her/him smacked her/him punched her spit on her tore her hair out, screamed vulgaritys such as bitch cut whore skank retard. Im at a loss with trying because it seems no one wants to punish or repremand the bullys but they sweep it under the rug or say its solved its not solved it happend every week 3 times a week for three years, when can hayden Jason and kadance feel safe when does they git to love and enjoy school when do these children learn that bullying isnt tolerated when will the school put an end to the constant tears the fears the bruises the emotional scars as well as physical constantly being inflicted.... Please sign and share lets get help for hayden Jason and kadance!!!!

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