Removal through Action of the People of Planning Committees

Removal through Action of the People of Planning Committees

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Action for the People started this petition to Planning and

Removal through Action of the People to remove in the beginning the Planning Committee in Wealden; East Sussex and revoke their ill-founded Planning Decisions for the past 1 year. This action is then to be rolled out throughout the United Kingdom. We seek one Planning Document for the United Kingdom wide and not single Planning rules.

“……………………..I can inform you that the Council will not be challenging the outcome contained in your letter, nor will we require a further detailed report. We will be recommending the withdrawal of the WLP at our Full Council meeting on 19 February 2020. Yours sincerely Isabel Garden Director & Deputy Chief Executive Planning, Policy & Environmental Services”

We find that the planning committee of the Wealden District Council have not complied with the following points, we are therefore asking they are removed, with the exception of Councillor Blake Coggins, who has been seen to provide support for the physical and factual information known and provided.

We see this Action, with the same non-removal of those recorded as giving previous positive questioning, happening within the whole of the United Kingdom. We seek this Action to be a United Kingdom wide recognition of these issues.

The Planning Committee ignore that information refused to be provided by Utilities is vital to planning.

The Planning Committee are dismissive and flippant in their granting of Applications despite missing vital information or timescales on Highways, Village Greens, Travel, Schools, Dentists, Doctors, Hospitals and other vital habitat and environmental factors. All of which is crucial to planning applications.

We seek all Planning Applications to be held pending review by Independent Reviews by Independent Consultants paid for by the government but governed by an Independent Committee, not the government. Paid for by a means of a Schedule of Rate governed United Kingdom Wide to ensure positive expenditure of the funds and stop profiteering, so reminisce of the Planning up to present day.

This is indeed not a political party-based removal but one of not carrying out the duties required of the Planning Committee under their own code, the code of human rights and the code of representative of the Action required of the People.

We also find the government’s representatives Louise Nurser BA(Hons) Dip UP MRTPI and Programme Officer: Lynette Benton, decision and then the subsequent refusal to accept parts of the local planning report as unfounded where the whole was not accepted. They should merely have requested and ensured that only parts to be removed, but to ensure that our area has the right to amend those.

We have been left without protection, we have been left with housing being built on flooded fields, with housing being built on fields in some locations, next to Highways which are a danger to life currently, never mind when a Housing complex has been built. No capacity in Doctors, Hospitals, Schools, Care facilities for those with disabilities and other physical and mental requirements, no idea if the homeowners will be facilitated insurance, and if they do, the premiums required, will be excessive. These will also then affect other areas in their postcode. That habitats of animals are being removed despite having protection previously.

That Village Greens are now being built on, and if replaced, in some areas the Planning Departments see as fit that the replacement is not always provided before the other has been replaced. Section 278 and section 106 agreements (Highways) are ill thought out, and in some instances have increased the number of accidents. Affordable homes being removed. Social Housing to allow those who can’t afford mortgages to have the comfort of their own home being outpriced.

When does educated Planning and the Building of “Homes, affordable, safe, warm, not flooding or at the risk of our environment” not just a “House of bricks and mortar” ever become one of numbers not of sense. We are not against educated building with sense and preservation of the “Home” and people and their existence, of children being safe and respect.

These principals have been removed, TOGETHER let’s put this back. TOGETHER, see that as a Country we are ensuring United Kingdom wide we are protecting our HOMES, COUNTRYSIDE, CHILDREN and FUTURES.


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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!