Equal Rights of Appeal for Urban Planning Decisions for Western Australians

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At present, if a planning development application is rejected by the Western Australian Planning Commission, the Development Assessment Panel or local government, the Developer can make an appeal to the State Administrative Tribunal.

If however, the Development Application is approved, there is no right of appeal for affected Residents of Local Government.

Why should residents of Western Australia care? Well for one reason, it is un-democratic that one party has a chance to appeal whereas the other affected party does not...this in itself, regardless of the issue does not sound fair.

It’s been proven that the introduction of Third Party Appeal Rights has better outcomes for the developer with the support of their neighbours.  The civil wars in suburbs stop when developers consult the neighbours first before putting in a development application.

If bad planning decisions cannot be challenged, there is no avenue for a second consideration of the decision. 

Residents and Local Governments in all other states in Australia have the right to challenge planning decisions, but not here in Western Australia. It is time that changed.  We are asking for 'third party appeal rights' to be included in the proposed Planning Reforms announced by Minister Saffioti and Premier McGowan a few weeks ago. 

Please sign and share the petition with your family, friends and neighbours.  We all care for responsible development in Western Australia.

Thank you.