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Say NO to 11 and half months to HARTS Holiday camp site

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Harts Holiday Park, Leysdown Road Leysdown

We the residents of Leysdown and surrounding areas and holiday makers are against the appeal for an extension of the current 10 month occupancy due to many reasons, see all reasons below

 Leysdown is a small rural area, approximately 10 miles from the main land, there are limited amenities around and they are already under immense pressure just dealing with the local people, we are not a large city.

 There are over 15 holiday sites in Leysdown alone including Harts, all with multiple caravans or chalets on, if Harts are granted 11 ½ months occupancy, this could lead to all other sites applying for an extension in line with Harts, this would then lead to families using their holiday homes as their main living area.

On this Rural Island there are approximately 7000 holiday homes which would mean potentially 7000 extra families on an already overcrowded Island with limited Facilities.

 We enjoy the Summer months, but equally enjoy the quietness of the winter months when the holiday parks close and all the holiday makers go home for a while, we can then have a break from the additional people and noise, and enjoy the quietness and beauty that this island has to offer.

 The traffic getting off the island is already very busy, improvements are already planned to take into account the already overcrowding, if 7000 more families are allowed to stay here for 11 ½ months of the year, they could decide to commute from Leysdown to London, and further the delays to the roads. There is no transport links to the A&E hospital so this also means driving.

There are not any jobs spare in Leysdown, most people who live here have to commute off the island or around the island many to London, this could lead to people not working.

All the schools on the island are full already children don’t always get their first choice school nearest to where they live, we don’t have room for any more people, and if 11 ½ months occupancy was granted the families would look to have their children go to school down here.

The local Doctors is already overcrowded, already you need to phone for an appointment which can sometimes takes 2 weeks or more, the 11 ½ month occupancy would again put extra strain on the doctors surgery waiting time and effect the local people as they would join the local doctors if they were here 11 ½ months a year.

The nearest Hospital is in Minster approximately 8 miles from Leysdown, this is not and A&E, there is normally a 6 hour wait at weekends The nearest A&E is in Gillingham about 20 miles away, again this additional occupancy would put more delays to local people as we are a rural area.

Medway Hospital (the nearest A&E) is already overcrowded and has been in special measures now for years.  There is no transport links to the hospital so means driving.

We have No police station that is actively used to prevent crime in Leysdown and it takes some time for Ambulances and Police to get to us in Leysdown. 

 We Love Leysdown, the holiday feel in the summer months and  the nice quietness in the winter, this is what separates us from the main land, please help us keep this as a holiday destination, and not turn into a residential island where people don’t want to visit anymore,


Kindest regards,

The people of Leysdown and surrounding areas





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