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We the undersigned are not against the development of Middlesbrough, but do demand that the character of our town and its green spaces,  is conserved and expanded, and indeed celebrated, ensuring it remains a desirable place to live. The right number of homes for the right people in the right places, meeting  the range of housing needs for our town.

Middlesbrough Council's Local Plan proposes to build a minimum of 7650  houses over the next 15 years to meet their estimate of Housing need. But this is over 6000 more than are required based on the Office of National Statistics household projections ( link below). We have seen no evidence that there are adequate, effective  funded plans for infrastructure -  transport, education and health.

We have seen evidence that the plan is unsound and believe it is driven by a desire to raise Council Tax income rather than by sustainable development. We have also witnessed consultations take place and later, 'goalposts being moved' eg more houses added.

We believe that  Middlesbrough Council projections for the next 5 years are adequate for the life of the Local Plan ( 1681 not 7650 houses) and should be adjusted accordingly.

If this approach is taken we - that is current and future generations of Middlesbrough - will continue to reap the benefits in terms of health, social and cultural communities, and mental well being.

Please give us your support for  our representations to the Planning Inspector who is the only authority for modifying the plan.

Note - please use your full postcode as the Planning Inspector will need to know signatories are Middlesbrough residents and MBC will not accept the petition otherwise
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