Planning permission urgently needed to build a state of the art bmx track in Cornwall UK

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Hi firstly I would like to introduce myself I'm clive rawlinson a stepfather, husband, and resident in Cornwall and a passionate bmx cyclist

I was absolutely taken by shock and surprise that this action is needed for such a cause

Cornwall is home to dead sailor bmx shop,  Truro skatepark plaza, the legendary Mount hawke skatepark, the track in Portreath, the newly redeveloped Newquay concrete waves and Cornwall bmx club which has 38 years history on it's own Cornwall is steeped with extreme sports history from surfing to skateboarding making it Cornwall the place to visit for all extreme sports enthusiasts and professionals alike Cornwall  bmx club is trying to get the necessary planning permission to create a state of the art bmx racing track there are arguments for and against it's planned development please help us from my own personal view bmx is a healthy sport that has given me good health and wellbeing created life long friendships and keeps my stepson healthy and active can i ask you a question does your child smile at an x box? Do they live healthy lifestyles? Would you prefer another field to walk your dog in or give thousands of children and adults from not just Cornwall but the entire nation and beyond the chance and reason to be active, healthy and some genuine joy i can't think of any reason not to even if you don't use or intend to make use of it would it be a bad thing for it to be there anyway? It would also boost local economy please support us by signing our petition and please share as far and wide as you can


Thank you