77 Apartment Units at 1601 Hoel Avenue

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Lakestone Properties has requested approval to change the plans on 1601 Hoel Ave from two 12 residential units per apartment building to a 37 and 40 unit apartment building. 

This proposal is of great concern to us as it will undoubtedly result in a substantial increase in traffic. As our subdivision continues to develop it will bring in more and more young families with small children. There will also be no shortage of children playing at the splash pad that is very close to the road on Hoel Ave. Having a minimal amount of traffic to help keep children safe needs to be a priority. Our fear is if this substantially larger complex is built, Hoel Ave will change from a quiet suburban street to a noisy unsafe road.

This is supposed to be a well-planned out neighborhood, and even the idea of considering a complex this size in this location doesn’t make any sense and we believe going forward with it would be irresponsible for all parties involved. Certainly, the reason for proposing this adjustment is not because it would be an improvement to the Nordic Ridge Subdivision over the original proposal. We can understand the City of Stoughton wanting and needing an apartment complex of this size, but this is not an appropriate location. It may be suitable for the kettle park west development, or perhaps the river front,  but not at the end of a suburb.