Stop the proposed Residential Units in Flamstead End Park, Cheshunt

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This petition is for the local community to oppose plans for the erection of 16 residential units, 3 storage units and 1 refuse store in Flamstead End Park, Cheshunt. 

There are various reasons we oppose this including-

Conservation issues namely the bats and foxes who reside in trees and shrubs due to be removed. 

Lack of parking, there is no provision for the families to park vehicles. The adjoining roads and car park are already lacking in parking spaces. This will make congestion worse. 

The lack of access to the new properties, there will be no way for people to drive to them other than driving through the playing field making it dangerous for families and children using the park. It will also cause damage churning up the grass and damaging the pathing area. This will be a much worse issue during the winter months when the playing field is notorious for flooding. 

These units are an eyesore, they are going to ruin the beautiful green area that is enjoyed on a daily basis by families, dog walkers, children, everybody in the local community. 

The refuse store is in a completely illogical place. It has been earmarked for the far side of the playing field, effectively the furthest place from the units.  This is a substantial way for the temporary residents to take the rubbish. Which will likely lead to fly tipping in the park or the residents putting their rubbish in the much closer public park bins which will no doubt either be constantly overflowing or be removed because of misuse like many others in the borough have been.

The refuse store also is in the way of the only full sized football pitch in the park which is regularily used by local football teams, there is already a lack of these in the area. It also is at the bottom of a slope and an area in the park which often floods with surface water that doesn't drain. 

This is also a community recreation space, that should be used as such not to dump containers full of people on them. This park, playground, playing fields, football pitches are in constant use by all kinds of members of the community these units will affect that detrimentally.

These families we are told will be temporarily living there, some moving out after a fortnight. It is crazy to think when these units are in such a badly situated place, that it will be an easy process to keep moving people in and out of these units. This will no doubt require vehicles to drive across the playing fields. Further damaging the park and being a danger to the community using it. 

These units we are told are temporary however it has already said thesearlier units will be there for 5-10 years and there is the possibility for another application to extend this. That is not temporary, it is very misleading.

These are just some of the many objections. The plans to put these containers in the park are ludicrous. We as a community object to this being put on Flamstead End Park