Save Stony Lane wildlife corridor, protected trees and hedgerow.

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A developer, not satisfied with keeping the development with his site boundaries, is applying to widen  Stony Lane to 6m, thereby destroying an approx 350 yard length of protected hedgerow, protected trees and wildlife corridor used by muntjac deer, slow worms, bats, hedgehogs etc .  Some protected oaks not on the site, and in private ownership are scheduled to have their roots compromised as a result of the road widening, which will result in damage affecting the lifetime of the trees.  The hedgerow is over 30 years old and is designated as protected according to the criteria.  Local government planning guidelines stated in 2016 that access to this site should be via Station Rd with just a footpath from Stony Lane. In contravention of this, the latest planning application seeks permission to rip out the entire natural southern boundary to the site to facilitate vehicular access in several places, as well as pedestrian access. Please sign and help save ALL the protected trees, hedgerow and wildlife corridor before it's too late.