Stop Pathstone's High Density Apartment Proposal - Avon NY

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TO: Current Residents of Avon, NY (ages 18+) Pathstone has presented a proposal to the Village Planning Board to build a high-density, 60-unit low-income apartment complex on Clinton Street Extension (across from the Avon Nursing Home, and past the bend on way to Avon High School). See map / image attached. There are a large number of concerned citizens who worry about: 1) increased traffic in an already congested area on school days, 2) the extreme flooding experienced throughout the village over the past couple of years and concerns over addressing that first,  3) the fact that Pathstone has gone back and forth on whether or not they have the funding lined up to complete the roadway the village has asked for (runs to CVS), or for the 2nd retention pond in their plan.  At the last planning board meeting, they did state that they will build the road, but it will be dedicated to the Village (thus more taxes for upkeep.) 4) planning board members and others have driven through some of Pathstone's other developments, and have been less than impressed with upkeep. In addition, the units do not have basements or garages, which often means outdoor clutter, 5) this development alters the village neighborhood feel (i.e. we don't want to be the next Henrietta,NY).    Preserve small town life. 6) questions over whether this project would generate enough tax revenue to make it even worth considering.     *see note below on taxes * The Pathstone project qualifies for a 581A exemption for property taxes.  The exemption is for developments that provide housing for low income residents.  This essentially means that Pathstone will pay property taxes based on their income after deducting for operating expenses.  Pathstone estimates that they will pay approximately $60,000 per year in combined school, town/county, and village taxes for this 60 unit development.  It is important to note that this estimate is based on full occupancy.  Actual vacancy rates and higher operating expenses would lower this amount. By comparison, an average home ($140K) in the village pays $5,723 in combined taxes.  An average new build ($190K) would pay $7,767.  As you can see, this 60 unit project will pay the equivalent of 10.5 average homes or 7.75 new homes.  Please consider signing this petition to let our Village Board, Planning Board, and Mayor know that this is not in the Village of Avon's best interest. Also, please keep yourself informed by attending future Village Board and Planning Board meetings.   If you are on Facebook, please "like" this page to follow updates. If you leave a comment below, please try not to make it emotion based.   If the comments are about a perception of "who might live there", that's not valid reason and won't sway decision makers and we need to focus on the the top issues.   Focus on traffic, tax base, noise, storm water issues, village infrastructure, style (i.e. no storage), location, etc etc.   PS: While we welcome the support of friends who may no longer live here, it's best to get signatures strictly from current Avon NY residents.   Also, please only sign if you are 18 years of age or older.   Thanks! Thank you!

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