Rezoning Williams RD from Residential to Commercial

Rezoning Williams RD from Residential to Commercial

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Aaron Hutmacher started this petition to Lewisville Town Planner Planning Board and

The owners of Advanced Appliance are proposing that 771 Williams RD be rezoned from Residential RS-20 to (HB-C) Highway Business Conditional Zoning to establish their business in Lewisville Lewisville Zoning Code.  A site plan has been provided showing the topographic layout of the business Site Plan.   

We object to this plan for the following reasons: 

1.  The residence of the nearby neighborhoods purchased the land and homes with the understanding and expectation that Williams Road is residential and remains residential.  There was no planned commercial or industrial development in the growth plan for this area. No growth was requested to be in this area.  This creates distrust between local residents and city planners if we change the plans.      

2. An established business between the Exit of US 421 and Doub Road would increase risk for traffic accidents by vehicles making a left hand turn onto Williams Road across a double yellow line.  Risk to bicyclists, runners and walkers who frequent this route would increase and remain high.   

3. Once an area is rezoned any future development either the current lot or adjacent lots would limit options for residence to fight the development of certain businesses while encouraging commercial development.  If we allow one in you can expect more to follow.  It would be difficult to say yes to one business and no to another.   

4. The proposed building is identified as a Commercial Industrial Warehouse.  We as a town are making an investment into this property and it will represent our town in the future.  Commercial Industrial Warehouse Market. It is common for similar type businesses to be built beside each other.  Is this the standard in southern Lewisville we want?   As we establish new buildings within the town limits all commercial buildings must meet the same standard.  If we cant be built it in downtown Lewisville we should not build it on our major streets in Lewisville especially.   

5. This does not meet the conceptual growth map for Lewisville. Conceptual Growth Map.

  • Embrace the small-town character that is uniquely Lewisville
  • Find the opportunities that come with being intentional about how we grow.
  • Grow in a way that promotes a livelier down town
  • Connect people and places through sidewalks, trails and bike paths
  • Tie parks, open spaces, and events to how people experience Lewisville.  

6.  This does not meet the community vision.  Community vision.

"The Town of Lewisville is defined by its strong sense of community. The Town is a place of neighbors, a place of values, and a place to call home. Lewisville Tomorrow will preserve this distinctive small-town character by encouraging balanced growth that enhances opportunities and enriches community connections."

Additional References: Town of Lewisville

                                    Comprehensive Plan 2021

                                    Comprehensive Plan 2015

Proposed action:  

1. Leave 771 Williams Road as residential property or the city obtain the property so that we can welcome residents to Lewisville in a way that honors its history and character.  For example (Welcome to Lewisville sign....a wagon or monument, Small Park or open space.)  The trees provide a natural sound barrier to the neighborhoods.   

2. Any established residence or business would have to stay alert as there are no sidewalks or flat surface to walk along road.  Frequent pedestrian and bicycle traffic often use the street forcing vehicles to get into other lanes to avoid contact.  This is a very dangerous area with limited field of vision as there is a slight curve.  Lewisville is known for its bicycling the plan does not account for this.  

3. Future development requests will be submitted we need to ensure future applicants and the town spell out how their business will embrace the conceptual growth plan for Lewisville

4.  Enforce newly proposed buildings in Lewisville to meet high standards on major thoroughfares so that they they present a clean and finished appearance.  No metal buildings warehouse or industrial buildings.  This is an entrance to Lewisville and also access to some of the local sights such as Old Nick Williams Farm and Distillery.  

5.  These issues must be addressed prior to proposing the rezoning plan 

6. These issues must be addressed prior to proposing the rezoning plan 


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