“Relocate the Water Booster Station on Crystal Lake Golf Course”

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To the Water Dept and Planning Board of the City of Haverhill,

It has recently come to our attention that a large (20ft. x 35ft.) water booster station is going to be erected on the Crystal Lake Golf Course and North Broadway. The location of this structure IS going to have a major impact on many homeowners in the area, as well as the scenic surroundings.  

In 2009, the location of the booster station was decided upon by the city. Nine years later, many changes have taken place to the topography of the land and the vicinity. This area has always been very wet but due to the grading of the land and the installation of a underground water pipe, the region is now a man-made wetland, creating large vernal pools. A wetland specialist has visited the area and agrees with these findings.

In the last 8 years, sixteen homes have been built close by.  These homeowners are assessed at the highest city’s tax rate because they overlook an Open Space Recreation area.  Essentially, they pay high taxes for the scenic view. A large booster station certainly does not conform with the Open Space Recreation area guidelines and will impact many homeowners.

 The signatures on this petition feel strongly that the city should look for an alternative location for this booster station. This is NOT the right area and will create hardship for many and cause several environmental issues. We feel strongly that this water booster station can be built in another location that will have little or no impact on the taxpayers or the man-made wetlands.