STOP 100 Chestnut Street, Ashland, Massachusetts

STOP 100 Chestnut Street, Ashland, Massachusetts

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Purshottam Vishwakarma started this petition to Planning Board Ashland

This is an outrageous project. Future of our community, future of our children is at stake here. Really need to stop this.

There are 328 condominium units (families) adjacent to this project who are getting affected, lives of more that 1000 people is negatively impacted by this project. None of the condo owners want this project because of the major concerns listed below.

Ashland Town Planning Board has to listen to the concerns of all these 328 condominium owners before considering the project for approval. They cannot decide on the fate of these 328 families alone.

Additional Details coming up...

Below is "Work in Progress"


  1. Was never part of the initial plan
    This huge building was never part of the plan before building other condominiums. Had anyone known that this building is going to be constructed in the future, no one would have invested in the properties in the condominiums nearby. There are 388 units in total in the neighborhood and none of them want this project. The building does not blend with the rest of the community. In the past, the original developer Fafard came with 64 unit plan, Planning review board tabled the item with Public hearing and never approved. Now Baystone coming with 200 unit plan. How the plan can be approved? This project does not fit the Ashland Covenant.
  2. Traffic
    This is a huge burden on the single lane chestnut street in the morning and evening hours. We are talking burden of about approx 350 additional cars entering and exiting the chestnut street.
  3. Renters
  4. Water Shortage
    Ashland is already reeling with water shortages. With Climate change it will be worse. Adding 200 residences in such a small space will only magnify the problem.
  5. More people in the Area
  6. Parking
  7. Broken Promises to condo owners
  8. Additional noise in the neighborhood
  9. Snow Removal
  10. Black Ice
  11. More Cars
  12. Air Pollution
  13. Pressure on schools
  14. Safety of children boarding/unboarding the school bus
  15. Traffic Study
    Who does the traffic study during Pandemic? Seems developers have done the traffic study during pandemic when the 95% of the residents are locked in their homes working from home. Schools are online. Hardly people are driving. Can the Ashland Town and Developers get the real picture of the traffic by doing traffic study during Pandemic? NO WAY !! In reality, during pre-pandemic days the traffic is hell and backed up miles on chestnut street. Ask the residents in the neighborhood. We are adding 200 residents (close to 350 cars) going in and out of the apartment building. Its not a pretty picture for the town and neighborhood
  16. Are we turning Ashland into New York City?
    Most of the residents chose Ashland (esp. the condo units nearby) because it is quaint, peaceful, less traffic, less crowded. We like it that way. If anyone likes New York City, they can live in New York City. Period. Please don't turn this beautiful neighborhood into garbage NYC.
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At 500 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!