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Berwick should reconsider approval on mobile home development on Blackberry Hill Road

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I would like to voice my opposition to the 2007 Planning Board approval of the 90 unit mobile home village to be built at 21 Blackberry Hill Road to each member of the current Planning Board, and to the current Berwick Town Selectmen

This residential neighborhood and adjacent and nearing properties will be affected with potential property value decline, increased traffic problems and a potential burden on town services such as police and fire as 90 new residents with potential economic and health needs will arrive in our currently single or double family residential and farming neighborhood, this will also eventually increase taxes as our needs for services increase with the additional residents that will arrive quickly.

The need for affordable and elderly housing has been since addressed during the decade after this approval was passed with worker-housing arriving soon downtown and the former school on School Street building approval.  There is also potential for elderly housing in the Estebrooks School, and Pine Hill Mobile home park already operating.

The Ferguson Brook and Worster Stream are also an important part of the wildlife and ecosystems in this area, with much of the water run-off from School Street and down passing through that area before entering our river systems.
The area scheduled for development is also a lush area full of wild life and wet lands that is appropriate for farming, home based or agriculture business, or spaced out single homes.  Frogs, turtles, insects including monarchs and plants such as millkweed....also, moose, deer, racoon, fox, possum, coyote, and 100's of species of birds pass through the wooded area and acreage between School Street and 236.  Shrinking this area with a extraordinarily large development such as a 90 unit mobile home park could potentially impede access to water ways for important species that have already lost local areas to development and change, including the small area of cattails and wetlands full of frogs and turtles across from the Hussey School, it could add more contaminants to the water that is currently passing through that area.
The Planning Board approved this development ten years ago, prior to the Vision Committees tireless work that concluded that Berwick residents would like to maintain their environment and waterways, views and charm. This development will not fit the new vision and rebuilding of this town, and just as the
Many new residents have purchased new homes and land in this neighborhood, and were unaware of this development.

An older report on the Impact of Zoning and Land Use for the town of Berwick, states "Land Use Compatibility  - Another goal of land use planning is to assure compatibility of adjacent land uses and reduce or minimize conflicts between incompatible adjacent uses." .... to me this is an extremely important excerpt, as a large mobile home village is vastly incompatible with the school, farms, businesses, and single family homes that currently occupy this area of town. 

Please consider revisiting this proposed project and requiring a re-submission of the application and re-notification to the new neighbors that were unaware of this development.

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