Say 'Cluck Off' To the Proposed Berriew Chicken Factory

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A planning application has been submitted to build a 100,000 bird chicken factory (Broilers) In the rural Berriew uplands under the guise of farm diversification.

The are a number of families living within 500m, some even closer, we are extremely worried about potentially having to live so close to this busy factory.

The combined buildings will be about the same footprint as the football pitch at Wembley Stadium and they will be nearly 5 metres high with feed silos  just over 5.5 metres.  A total of 14,000m2  of Berriew hillside will be dug out, levelled and concreted to accommodate them. (approx two professional football pitches)

At least 512 very large 17.5 metre articulated HGV lorries and 432 varying sized vehicles will travel through Berriew Village and up a narrow winding, and already dangerous country road then navigate a totally unsuitable tight unlit turning and travel up a steep extremely narrow lane to service it, 24 hours a day!

These noisy factories pump out poultry dust which contains - bacteria, fungi, allergens, bacterial endotoxins, mycotoxins, peptidoglycans, pollen and plant fibres. Independent research says inhaled poultry dust is harmful to human health, as are the gasses including ammonia, hydrogen sulphide  and other greenhouse gasses. 

THIS IS NOT FARMING - This would be a 24/7 365 day a year busy factory that if it didn't benefit from an agricultural loophole in planning law would never be allowed in totally unsuitable rural locations or near peoples' family homes.

If you agree this very large chicken factory should be cited in a suitable location for a factory, away from family homes and on a suitable road transport link then we urge you to PLEASE SIGN OUR PETITION.

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The full planning application can be viewed via this link (if it doesn't work, copy and paste into your browser) Here, any person, anywhere can make comment and/or object: