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Stop the rezoning at the SW corner of McKellips and Crismon Roads

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Without your help, we will not be able to prevent a dramatic increase in light pollution;  a major disruption in the flora and fauna of our desert landscape and an increase in traffic. Allowing the Zoning and Planning board to approve this request will not benefit us. It will however benefit the developer. It will allow him to make a sizeable increase in the profit from the plot. We on the other hand lose property value and quality of life.

On July 18th, Ralph Pew and the US Development Land LLC are attempting to challenge the very essence of the Desert Uplands. (Item Z11-28 and GpMinor 12—1). They have petitioned the Zoning and Planning board to rezone the land from RS-35 PAD to RS-15 PAD. In other words, they want to take a 40 acre plot of land located directly across the street from Usery Regional Park at the southwest corner of McKellips Road and Crisom Rd and convert it from 36 custom homes to 80 homes clustered in the same space. The developer states with the current configuration he will not make a large profit. Why is it the job of the Zoning and Planning Board to assure that developers make a profit ?

80 homes means more lights, more traffic, and less natural desert. It means major changes to McKellips Rd.  It means that we will have many more lights (from the subdivision as well as from the roads) that will brighten our skies. Dark skies has been one of the major advantages of living in the Desert Uplands Region.  It will mean that there will be an almost constant stream of cars travelling along McKellips Rd. Increasing the density of the houses further stretches limited police support,  exacerbates the fire danger - and even multiplies it given the proximity of multiple dwellings. Arizona is suffering a drought. Doubling the number of houses in the same area will make that worse. It will put a further strain on limited water resources. A recent US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports that Arizona is getting hotter every year faster than any other state. The reason - the rapid depletion of natural desert habitat and increase of the "construction material that hold and reflect heat" - i.e. the "heat island."  This area of east Mesa is one of the few areas, thanks to the intelligent implementation of the Uplands Desert Zoning guidelines, that has not be a victim of this effect.  Rezoning the property will worsen the "heat island effect" that is caused by the increase of the "construction material that hold and reflect heat".

Twenty years ago, the City of Mesa developed zoning rules for our area – Desert Uplands Guidelines. Those guidelines were updated in 2010. The Zoning and Planning board, the Transportation board and the City Council created a thoughtful plan to protect this area, It designated that residential building conform to low density residential development with large open areas

The Zoning and Planning board is considering the rezoning request . Without feedback from the community, they will assume that we do not have any objections to the plan. It will then become a reality. They need to hear that you do object to the rezoning proposal. It is their job is to safeguard the community and represent our interests. Again, it is not there job to safeguard the profits of a developer.

We learned last month that the City Of Mesa does listen. In fact, they did more than listens, they responded to our concerns and actually made the changes that we requested.

It is now time to let the Zoning Board know that we are NOT IN FAVOR of the plan to rezone the property. It is time that we stop allowing developers to make money off of our quality of life.

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