Form a movement to build EcoVillages to prevent social pain and planetary destruction

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Multi-national corporations have enslaved us to all our basic needs bar housing, while prioritizing profit over planet and people. The systemic pattern of rising home costs is now moving this last basic need beyond the reach of working people. Endless miles of low-quality housing stamped onto the landscape for lucrative profits, by money-making machines that have no consideration for us, our life-cycles, health, life-quality, or ability to afford housing in the ‘traditional’ manner, also perpetuates social pain. Too many are profiting from housing, including banks. Planners, profiteers and financial controls are preventing our group from empowering people by combining their super funds and savings to build EcoVillages for all who desire this lifestyle, and redirecting these massive savings into the pockets of the people. Our group owns land for a $15M demo model project, that makes the affordable housing issue obsolete, but financial controls prevent us from spreading our movement. We desire to empower people to take back the control of their lives in order to live more sustainably, as once did our ancestors. We are seeking people to join us in changing these controls.