Tell Planet Organic to NOT use Glue traps!


Tell Planet Organic to NOT use Glue traps!

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Chantal Di Donato started this petition to Planet Organic CEO Peter Marsh (CEO)

Planet Organic ,  Westbourne Grove, is the original and Head Office of the popular health foods chain. Their ethos is, on the surface, about health and wellbeing, sourcing the best products for their audience and I have personally been a loyal customer for over ten years. Their plant-based selection is wonderful, and as a vegan , i appreciate the array of choices!

But this week, i discovered, from research and intelligence,  that their behaviour is less than vegan friendly as they have decided to put up Glue Traps in store to catch mice, allegedly using the services of  Beaver Pest Control, a popular london exterminator (what a terrible word).

Mice and rats have been severely demonised for the longest time. Society sees them as dirty pests but they are very intelligent beings who create communities to survive. Mice actually like clean environments btw.

I agree that stores and restaurants  have to maintain their hygiene standards and i would not like to eat in a mice or insects infested venue, so of course they need to remove them from the venue, BUT, there are humane ways to do so and glue traps are not the solution! 

Glue traps are perhaps the most cruel way to capture any creature (please see below for resources explaining the simple and cruel mechanisms of these traps).

Before you do so, think about how it would feel to YOU, if you had gotten stuck on a slab of glue with your hair, face, body? How horrible, painful and scary would it be; trying to free yourself from strong, toxic glue?  I cannot even imagine what these sentient beings are feeling!


Watch "What are Glue Traps?" NOW (those videos are graphic and may disturb some viewers) 

The Horrible Truth about Sticky Glue traps 

Rat stuck in a glue trap -  squealing 

Glue Traps Cruelty -  PETA 

Read THIS ARTICLE by PETA in regards to Glue traps 


Planet Organic, we ask that you reconsider the way you are dealing with mice in your store. There are a number of humane traps you can use that maintain the health and safety of your customers as well as these little beings. 

THIS TRAP  is one that PETA approves of. It catches mice alive so that they can be taken to a field or park and set free to continue living their lives! 

Just selling vegan food is not enough, if then your actions are cruel and murderous and you will have clients, like me, who will make noise and protest against these callous decisions. If you have a kinder solution, like the above, it is your duty to take it! 

Drop the Glue Traps NOW!  



This petition made change with 557 supporters!

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