Cancel Amplify

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Every day, children are sitting in class, listening to instructions. "Go ahead and open Amplify." Those words immediatly make children lose interest. Amplify has too much to do for a small amount of reading. Many students actually like the books that we are reading, such as Frankenstien, the graphic novel. That is actually a good book, but Amplify makes us type out too many questions that take up too much time. Many of the questions that are used in Amplify would be better used as discussion questions. Amplify does have some good questions, but most are easy questions that take more time to type them than to think about them. It takes almost 100 minutes to complete one lesson, and it is repetitive. We had five different times that we had to answer the same question. Amplify also doesn't give you very good information if you need some more practice. If you don't understant a topic, it gives you no feedback and no extra help. You just do the same thing that you always do. It also gives teachers no chance to give students that need it extra attention. If one student doesn't understand, he won't be able to ask the teacher for more information because it would be on Amplify, which has no extra help. Please sign this petition to cancel Amplify