Support New Housing for New Jersey Disadvantaged Veterans

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The Yates house Organization is a positive initiative in New Jersey for Veterans through its outreach and assistance. It is now in the process of renovating a 100 year old mansion in Plainfield into into a permanent housing facility which will house almost 30 veterans. The funding has already been accrued and renovations are ready to begin but there has been some slowing down of the process and I hope to speed it up.  Please join me in showing the City of Plainfield just how important this is.  On October 4th I will be speaking on behalf of the Yates House for Military Veterans at the the City of Plainfields courthouse and reading the following letter, by signing the petition you will be a cosigner to the letter and I will present your names to the city council. Hopefully this will help move things forward.            -Frank Doc Schupp   Us Army Retired

"Dear Plainfield City Council,


It is my understanding that there have been some setbacks in progress concerning the zoning approval for the Yates House for Military Veterans. The Yates House is a proposed permanent housing facility for veterans in Plainfield, which would house up to twenty five veterans as well as assist homeless veterans by hosting case management and health screenings.

As an avid Veteran advocate I know and have seen first-hand how homelessness is affecting our Veteran population. The New Jersey Department of Military Veterans Affairs estimated that there is between 2,500 and 3,000 homeless veterans in New Jersey. Many homeless Veterans I have met and helped have similar problems such as dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Depression, which can lead to their being homeless and in effect puts them in two dangerous categories.This is very concerning especially when considering the alarming rate at which Veterans are committing suicide.

Statistically twenty two veterans a day are committing suicide.Again, sadly I know this first hand as I have personally known some of these veterans first hand. Many of these veterans were under pressure financially which triggered and aggravated their already difficult to deal with PTSD. This is why I cannot stress enough the importance of the Yates House being completed as quickly as possible.  Housing some of these homeless veterans can literally make the difference between life or death.

                I have seen and been part of The Yates House Foundations outreach with veterans. I see the concern and love for vets they provide. I believe the the Yates house would provide an exemplary and life changing home for veterans in need. Please consider these facts when making your decisions concerning the Yates House."   -Frank Doc Schupp