Placing a Cap on Rent Increase

Placing a Cap on Rent Increase

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Started by Brandy Jones

I am currently trying to track down a petition to sign that is in favor of a cap on rent increase. However I keep having trouble finding a petition to sign. I know that if there was a petition to sign a majority of Phoenix would be in favor of this. I think that a majority of people who are opposed to this bill are gathering their information from statistics given from the states such as Oregon and California who had rent cap in place and seen that the housing market value went down. 


However, Phoenix is growing at an alarming rate with about 200 people coming in Daily. With this information land Developers could rest easy knowing that the demand is there.


My question is why is there only about 25 apartment complexes that help with Section 8 and a city that is full of apartment complexes? Does the funding fall on Governor Ducey or is it on those who develop the land and build the buildings. Who do we hold accountable? Furthermore why are our Representatives not in favor of helping those who they are supposed to represent? If on paper the housing market looks appealing and in reality it's creating an increase in the homeless population, which in turn puts families at risk for having Child Services involved? How is this good? How is it justifiable? Is it out of need or out of greed? Who is holding these apartment complexes accountable for the condition that they rent? How do they get to Value their apartment that may be infested with bed bugs and cockroaches at a price tag of $1200- 1600 a month? 


This then brings up the question of why the average minimum wage job pays 15 an hour? When rent has increased by nearly 30% all over. Can you really truly blame inflation? Absolutely not.


I have made it my mission to find a petition and or create a petition that would be in favor of overturning the current law that prohibits a cap on rent increase. And place a cap on rent increase at the proposed 5 to 10% cap annually. That would then allow families to adjust to the new rent amount without making them homeless overnight.


Since there are more renters than there are owners this petition should go off with a hit. I'm hoping that you will be able to provide me more information and insight or connections.


I feel that this is becoming an issue that looks a lot like the Boston Tea Party where there was taxation without representation present. If the government is for the people, and a voice representing the people, then there should be no issue protecting the common people. It is my own personal assessment that they shall either step up or step aside. We are sick of inadequate representation. Why are we paying them to represent us and issues that are constantly affecting us with no outcome? It's not hard to be a problem solver. Especially when that's your job.


Thaks for your time

32 have signed. Let’s get to 50!