Racial Profiling & Police Harassment - Drop Racist Charges Against Dalton Dyer

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At 35,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on Change.org!

On October 12, 2018, Dalton Dyer was charged with three felonies and two strikes towards California’s three strikes law without any evidence to prove his guilt except the word of two officers. Auburn, California is a predominately Caucasian city with a history of racism, a town that has a historically white police force, and it is a place where Dalton is one of the few African American residents. From a young age, Dalton has been hyperaware of the color of his skin, and how people, in particular, those in positions of power, treated him differently because of it. When Dalton called a family member to be his Designated Driver that night, he had no idea that this decision would completely alter the course of his life. When his cousin was pulled over and detained for suspicion of a DUI, Dalton asked the Officer to speak with his cousin, wanting to apologize. During this exchange between Dalton and his cousin, Officer Nichols saw an opportunity, claiming to see marijuana in Dalton’s pocket, and the officer reached for the marijuana along with Dalton’s wallet. There was no warning, no Miranda Rights, no warrant. Dalton’s only reaction was asking WHY, he was tased. The Officer states following the tase, he felt a punch. No other Officers on the scene witnessed the ‘assault’ nor did Dalton’s cousin. Dashcams on the two patrol cars: missing. The Body Cams the department had: sold. The medical records: contradictory to the claim that Dalton assaulted Officer Nichols. Any exonerating evidence: gone. Just as his innocence was gone when the Officers saw his melanated skin. Dalton is not a criminal, but instead a victim of racial profiling, police brutality, and a Hate Crime. The charges must be dropped. The officers need to be held accountable. We are asking for your help.

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