No more homeless housing in our neighborhoods

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Placer County has partnered with area non-profits The Gathering Inn (TGI) and Advocates for Mentally Ill Housing (AMIH), creating contracts through which homes are being purchased with public funds in single-family neighborhoods. The homes are used for Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH), which is housing for the homeless. This is the Whole Person Care (WPC) pilot program.

Housing First principles are foundational to the PSH model, and TGI and AMIH must comply when determining which homeless individuals will be placed in the home. For example, "Tenant screening and selection practices that promote accepting applicants regardless of their sobriety or use of substances, completion of treatment, or participation in services," and "Applicants are not rejected on the basis of poor credit or financial history, poor or lack of rental history, criminal convictions unrelated to tenancy, or behaviors that indicate a lack of housing readiness." The full text of Housing First principles are found in California's Welfare and Institutions Code section 8255.

Unfortunately, Housing First fails the population it means to assist, and may do harm: See overview from

See detailed report from The Heritage Foundation: "The Housing First Approach has Failed"

Once placed into the home, it is almost impossible to evict the person. They are free to use or abuse whatever drug they would like, as drug testing is not a requirement per Housing First. Yet, the non-profits are required to adhere to Housing First as a condition of funding. This funding is provided by the state. Placer County signed up for this pilot program. Find a better way to help this population.

Placer County must remove Permanent Supportive Housing from single-family neighborhoods. The county must work proactively and transparently with the cities and its constituency to form more effective, fiscally responsible solutions.