Place Memorial for Jake Kaminsky at Busch Gardens Tampa

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It's been a very difficult time in the coaster industry, as today we have lost a valuable member making up one of the stellar employees at Rocky Mountain Construction. ( Henceforth referred to as RMC.)  Jake Kaminsky was a coaster enthusiast much alike myself and many others, and he had found his luck and made a break in the amusement industry.  He unfortunately passed away in an accident at the StarFlyer swing attraction on Orlando's International Drive.  He was only 21.  To commemorate his stellar and passion-filled work on Iron Gwazi, RMC's latest and greatest roller coaster, as well as the life he led and the amazing person he once was, this petition asks Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, as well as SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment as a whole, to erect a plaque, sign, or other form of memorial towards Jake. Ideally, this memorial would be placed outside of the entrance of the attraction where it can be easily seen.  The ride, as evidenced by his Instagram posts, was his pride and joy, and I think dedicating the ride in his honor is a wonderful way to pay tribute to him.

All I ask is a signature.  Me and my friends, and hopefully the community as a whole want to pay tribute to one of our members, who deserved so much more.

Rest well, Jake. 

Thank you.