Place a Black Lives Matter Mural in Far Rockaway

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As the world struggles through a pandemic that claims the lives of millions, and is ever-altering our sense of normalcy, America struggles through a racial epidemic. Under additional pressures of a financial crisis and maxed out healthcare system, Black lives have been collateral. Rockaway is no stranger to this feeling. But enough is enough; we must show reverence for our community with a Black Lives Matter Mural. 

The Rockaway community was rocked by the COVID -19 pandemic. Far Rockaway, Edgeme and Arverne  were amongst the highest COVID-19 death rates in New York City. The majority of folks in those communities are black and brown folks. With a single hospital on the peninsula, it was safe to predict the healthcare infrastructure of Rockaway would fold under the weight of a pandemic. The cost was 467 lives.  

The murders of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor sparked nation-wide outrage. In communities like ours, it was a painful reminder of our day-to-day. The precincts that service the two ends of the Rockaway peninsula have a stark disparity in arrests (the western end of Rockaway is mainly caucasian). Many Rockaway residents are in agreement with proposals to defund the NYPD. The city needs to invest in our community,  a Black Lives Matter mural would be a great place to start.