Bring Back Pizza Hut's $34.95 PC Game Meal Deal

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In 2006, the Australian arm of Pizza Hut released a meal deal - the customer would get two large pizzas, a garlic bread, a 1.5L Pepsi and a game of their choice (the available games were NFS: Most Wanted, The Sims 2, and Battlefield 2). This was all offered for $34.95AUD.

It was like Christmas.

These days, we're forced to choose between lame meal deals like $1 wings that nobody likes or foul microwavable desserts that bring on nausea before you've even swallowed your first bite.

Bring back the last great Meal Deal for us friday night gamers. 

We beg you Pizza Hut. Let us relive our childhood once more. 

Fortnite doesnt count.

EA are greedy scumbags.

Support indie gamers.