Scrap Tronc comitee card tips policy, limiting waiters to keep 50% card gratuities.

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Tronc comitee is planning to reduce card tips income for PE front of the house employees from the 17/05/2021. It comes as a devastating news to over 6000 servers who had been out of work for over a year and had to survive on furlough payments, that were based on 80% of their working hours.

Previously back of the house was getting 30% of the waiters takings (now they will receive half) which seemed a more fair way of distributing tips, as they are generally on higher hourly basis and are provided with higher number of working hours.

Please sign the petition to let waiters keep most of their hard earned money to allow healthier and more fair distribution of the financial assets within the company.

By signing this lets help Tronc comitee to reconsider their decision.