No IRMS but two services in Indian Railways one from Civil Services and one from ESE

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Minister of Railways Sh Piyush Goyal on 24th December 2019 on behalf of Cabinet announced that all 8 organised services of Indian Railways will now on be merged in one single service called Indian Railway Management Service. 

Indian Railways have been recruiting till now it's officers from two examination. The likes of Indian Railways Traffic Service(IRTS), Indian Railways Account Service(IRAS), Indian Railways Personnel Service(IRPS) & RPF from civil Service examination.

The likes of IRSE, IRSSE,IRSEE,IRSME &IRSS from Engineering service examination. The nature and pattern of the examination is such that those coming from Civil service examination are more trained for the administration part of railways looking after the operations, commercial, accounts and personnel departments whereas those coming from Engineering services look after their respective engineering departments. The complexity and syallabus of the examinations also creates a visible entry age Gap between the entrants from these two examinations. 

This decision of merging the services is a blow to the entire safety of the Indian Railways as those hitherto unaware of engineering aspects are if made uncharged of these departments or for that matter a stores engineer heading the operations part things might take worse shape.

So instead there should be two services in Indian Railways one Indian railways Administration Service for those coming from Civil Services Examination and one Indian Railways Technical Service for those coming from Engineering Services Examination.

Stopping the intake from Civil Servicces examination will lead to lesser seats for aspiring students of Civil Services Examination being the most priced competition examination in India.

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