#RightToPee:build toilets in local trains

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Local trains are mainly used for short distance travels within cities.Some say for that reason maybe there are no toilets in them..but lakhs of women passengers take the local trains for their daily commute.The major health issue they face is lack of toilets in trains and public toilets in rail station are in bad conditions..

So they have to suppress the urge of micturition and can get urinary bladder infection.senior citizen,children are the most vulnerable ones. Moreover any woman who is in her mense,if emergency occurs can't go to bathroom for change.She has to get off the train and go to public toilet in station and wait for the next train.But how many women are comfortable and accustomed to this break journey due to lack of urinals?

I myself a frequent traveller..most time I catch local train after getting of from express trains..but when i dont use the toilet in express train,&then  need to go to urinals,I am helpless in local trains..I wait for another 2 hours for destination station to go to urinals.

so,please sign my petition of #RightToPee to the Govt.to build toilets in local trains like express trains,at least for Ladies coaches,so that from next time in that busy hours women will have a matter less to worry..