Bring professionalism in Indian Rly SSE(Pway) Post and Fixing the working hours.

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I am a Shashank Shekhar, S/o. Shailendra Kumar Shekhar, who is government employee, currently working as SSE(Pway) post in Indian Railways. First I will tell you all a bit about myself, so that you all don't think that i am just a small child and i don't understand all this. So, I am almost 23 years old, I have completed my graduation in B.Tech. with mechanical engineering and currently I am just about to start my job in a private company. So, please understand that I am not that naive.

Now you might think that I am here Writing this petition because my father must have told me to, but that isn't right. This is my decision to go  for this, right now while I am writing this, my father doesn't even know about this.

Now why me, a son is writing a petition for his father,what must have happened?

Well since I was a child I used hear from everyone that governments jobs are the best. Even my father used to say that, how job is well secured in a govt. job or how you get great facilities in in govt. jobs. Well all this might be true but I now know that job in indian railways is an exception to this. because of this job my father doesn't get any family time. His work-life balance has totally gone on the work side. Most of the hours of the day, he is out for work, and even he comes home  in the evening just for tea, for most of time he is busy on his phone, shouting on somebody or getting shouted by one. Infact, shouting on phone has now become his habit, now he starts shouting irrespective of which place he is in library, musium, Airport.. everywhere. And by saying this I am not complaining about him, I am complaining about his job and I am trying to say that I have seen while growing up how this job has changed him.

And I know that there is same condition with many of the families whose working men is in this job and they can very  easily relate to this. So, if you feel the same as me please give it a read and if it makes sense the please support.

My father joined indian railways in 2002 as a junior engineer and now he is a Senior Section Engineer in Katihar Division(NFR) and since then nothing much has changed.The worst thing in this job is that there is not any fixed working hours, you always have to be alert for any emergency 24x7, 7 days a week. I say why there can't be two or more SSEs in one section and the working hours of the day can be divided so that, no matter how big an emergency is, the only responsible person to check on that should be the incharge at that time of the day. This way at least the person working whole day for 6 to 8 hours will be able to spend some time with his family without any tension. Also everyone should get a work phone which will be exchanged between the incharges with change in every shift. So that the person leaving the shift can leave physically as well as mentally.

There are many other reforms which can also be done in this this department. I am just going to right the problems which I have seen my father going through, which government should find proper solutions to. And I am sure that I am not the only one who is concerned with these problems.

  • Lack of manpower is a very big problem, at least in my father's section, they are just managing somehow and many times I see him worrying or arguing about delay in work due to lack of manpower.
  • SSEs are given a lot more responsibilities than they are supposed to handle officially(which is also way too much). For example, recently my father was given responsibility to create the Unique Medical Identity Card(UMID) online for each of the employees under him. Where in the job profile of an SSE this is his responsibility. And not only this he was also given a deadline. Also, None of the staffs in his office is able to operate a computer. Now anyone please tell me is he supposed to do that by himself for every staff under him? 
  • The magnitude of risk is way too high on a SSE. If anything wrong goes in the running of trains in 100 km section, SSE is the first person responsible for that. Yes I understand that SSE has responsibility to keep the line in his section jerkless but can you calculate the total no. of parameters which are to be checked to keep everything fine, there will be uncountable. One person cannot get his hold on all those parameters or the staff under him holding that parameter. For example, my father got chargesheet because a gateman was sleeping on a night duty in his section. I mean what he is supposed to do about this, should he wander to every gate and check on every gateman in the night. The most he could do is to instruct him not to sleep which he must have done already, if the gateman still slept how is an SSE responsible for that. He can't hold everyone awake all night.

These things not only affect monetarily, I mean it's not not only about the Working hour and not at all about money. These kind of job problem create a lot of tension in employees mind. 24x7 he has to think about his job and still if a little mistake and you get a chargesheet. Right now condition is that my father has got demoralised. He no longer thinks that giving so much to this job is any good if he is gonna get a chargesheet in the end. And these things affect him mentally and hence affects my family. My mother lives alone whole day and even if my father comes home in the evening he is busy in his phone or any other work like UMID and we are not getting any family time together.

I am writing this petition because i am concerned about my family but I know that this is wholly or partially true for every family where the head of the family is in indian railways at this post. So, if you feel that these things should be changed then please support this petition for my good or your goog or our good.