Petition to include a Bionicle in Toy Story 4 (Be the voice of change)

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On the 29th of July 2016, Lego made the difficult decision to cancel Bionicle for the second time. Little did they know that this would cause shockwaves globally and lead to mass protests as well as almost causing a complete government-shutdown in America and Denmark. It is clear that the world had not been the same since Bionicle's cancellation. This world needs Bionicle right now, perhaps even more than ever.

The problem here is that Bionicle needs to be introduced to a new audience, and the release of Toy Story 4 in 2019 allows for the perfect opportunity. We as a community must attempt to get in touch with Tom Hanks or maybe Tim Allen in order for them to convince Pixar to put a Bionicle in Toy Story 4. I think they should put in Tahu as he is a great Bionicle who has inspired many with his acts of valour and bravery. Tahu would also need to be a main character and have more screen time than both Woody and Buzz (non-negotiable).

Unity. Duty. Destiny. Together we are strong, together we can make this happen. Be the voice of change and sign today.

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