Fix missing zPIVs for PIVX great Community

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Dear PIVX Developers

Last year you have succesfully launched zerocoin protocol for the first time in history in a Proof of Stake coin.

I am so thankful for your efforts, and glad you did it, but some unexepected things happened after that fact and the amount of them is rising month by month.

Looking at our reddit page We can see that many of the PIVians, who are a part of our PIVX family have lost their zerocoin backups, that would allow them to access their zPIVs. Sometimes the amount of them is over 2000 PIVs, which is a lot for a man, who puts his life savings into PIVX and after software or hardware problem he is loosing big part of them, because Deterministic zPIV hasn't been implemented that time.

You've stated on your webstite that "Community is very important to the team at PIVX because it’s where we build the foundation for our governance", and this foundation needs your experience and PIVX community help.

Me, and people who sign this petition want PIVX devs - who are one of the best in the crypto world (as many people say this) to find a way to fix to above problem and if it is needed ask PIVX great community to accept some requirements and changes that will be done.

This will be a big step towards greater community, project interest, and a belief, that PIVX family is there to help them when things like that happen.

We looking forward to your answer and believe your experience and Community greatness will help us to recover missing zPIVs