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Save the Businesses on Winston Road--Speedys to Hayes Jewelers

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Some of our Lexington, NC historical businesses will soon be demolished. Hayes Jewelers, Smiley's and Speedys will soon be gone as Winston Rd. is expanded to five lanes of highway with trees in the middle all the way to Biesecker Rd. It will even have bike paths.   Please read through all of the issues carefully.  If you feel that the Erlanger side should be taken for the road vs. the side of the road with all the businesses, please sign the petition.  Pat Ivey at the NC DOT will be sent updates on the petition.  As plans are being made to move forward with this project, please respond and share with a sense of urgency!  


  • Newer businesses such as the new Family Dollar and expanded Sonic will also be demolished. 
  • Hayes Jewelers has been open since 1938. Speedy's has been owned for 75 years by the Dunn family. Both of these businesses have supported our city's economy for decades in their current locations and are thriving businesses.  Both owners had the intention of their legacy continuing to future generations.
  • The businesses that are soon to be demolished will cause loss of jobs to many employees.  Some of these employees have been employed by these businesses for a long time and may have issues in finding future employment.  
  • The other side of the road is not well-kept with many run-down houses.  However, it is preserved as a portion of Historical Erlanger, an 85-acre historic district  listed on the National Register of Historic Places in January 2008.  G.S 121-12(a) requires NC DOT to make every effort to avoid and minimize impacts to this historic district.  Please take time to read G.S.121-12(a) as there are some exceptions noted as also included below.
  • states "Is my property likely to be affected by Federal laws and regulations?  Listing of private property as a National Historic Landmark or in the National Register does not prohibit under Federal law or regulations any actions which may otherwise be taken by the property owner with respect to the property. Property owners are free to make whatever changes they wish if Federal funding, licensing, or permits are not involved."
  • states "Are there advantages to National Historic Landmark owners in the Section 106 Process?  Yes. Many property owners of Landmarks and National Register properties have found the Section 106 process useful in ensuring that incompatible development projects or other actions funded, licensed, or initiated by Federal agencies are reviewed and modifications made when possible to avoid, minimize, or mitigate possible harm to historic properties. Examples of undertakings that would receive Section 106 review might include levee construction and other flood control measures that could destroy archeological sites; construction of a new four-lane, limited-access road through a rural historic district; and demolition, alteration, repair, and rehabilitation of deteriorated homes in a historic neighborhood funded by Community Development Block Grantmonies to local governments.
  • According to Pat Ivey at the NC DOT:  Based on the traffic forecast and crash data, a four-lane divided section was recommended for the project. Bicycle and pedestrian accommodations are also included in the project at the request of the City of Lexington.
  • If you take the time to read G.S. 121-12(a) which requires NCDOT to make every effort to avoid and minimize impacts to this historic district, you will find some exceptions.  Please do read in its entirety.  Below are some excerpts:
  • (a) Protection of Properties on National Register. – It shall be the duty of the Historical Commission, meeting at such times and according to such procedures as it shall by rule prescribe, to provide an advisory and coordinative mechanism in and by which State undertakings of every kind that are potentially harmful to the cause of historic preservation within the State may be discussed, and where possible, resolved, giving due consideration to the competing public interests that may be involved.

  • (c) Criteria for State Aid to Historic Properties--

    (1) Whether the property is historically authentic; G.S. 121-12 Page 2 

    (2) Whether it is of such educational, historical, or cultural significance as to be essential to the development of a balanced State program of historic and archaeological sites and properties;

    (3) The estimated total cost of the project under consideration and the apportionment of said cost among State and nonstate sources;

    (4) Whether practical plans have been or can be developed for the funding of the nonstate portion of the costs;

    (5) Whether practical plans have been developed for the continued staffing, maintenance and operation of the property without State assistance; 

If you feel that the land from the Erlanger side of the road should be taken for the road project vs. the side of the road that would have all the businesses from Speedys to Hayes Jewelers be demolished, please sign this petition.  Pat Ivey at the NC DOT will be sent updates on the petition. As plans are being made to move forward with this project, please respond and share with a sense of urgency!

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