Change the Taconic High School mascot

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The year is 2020 and the Taconic High School sports teams still proudly label themselves the “Braves,” an obvious anti-Native American caricature. This is not okay and needs to change.

This issue was discussed back in 2017, and the district debated changing the mascot concurrent with the opening of Taconic’s new school building. Superintendent Jake McCandless said at the time that "...we heard from as many members, if not more, of the community that in their opinion this is a very respectful and honoring depiction of a Native American individual.” Meanwhile, School Committee member Cynthia Taylor argued that the term “Braves” describes the bravery of the students, stating that “It is a completely different use of the word brave.” No change to the high school’s mascot was made, and Taconic sports teams continue to play as a harmful stereotype.

Sign this petition to encourage Pittsfield Public Schools to change Taconic’s mascot to something that does not actively harm an oppressed community. 

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