Pittsburgh Public Schools Safe Summer Pledge

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A collaborative effort to promote non-violence steps up this month as students from Pittsburgh Public Schools join in a partnership involving leaders from the District, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police, Port Authority, Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, and Juvenile Probation Office. To raise awareness that non-violence requires everyone working together, students will voice their commitment to changing the negative narrative involving youth violence with a Month of Non-Violence, ending with a Safe Summer Pledge.

Pittsburgh Public Schools Safe Summer Pledge 2017

We Pledge to…

·         Be unified and communicate more with one another

·         Be active leaders in our communities and support one another is positive and productive ways. 

·         Be safe and responsible drivers.  Think about your actions and the actions of others while on the road.

·         Be a respectful rider on Port Authority.

·         Be a responsible citizen and adhere to rules and expectations. Think smart and be smart!

·         Be sure that you think before you post to social media.

I pledge to participate in the PPS Safe Summer Pledge by choosing lawful, positive and productive activities during the summer of 2017.