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Hold the staff members involved accountable for their actions

They killed my aunts cat. Tay was like her kid since she never had any children. It started jun 6th 2013. Tay was not feeling well so she took him to the Big Easy animal hospital because her normal vet was closed due to it being after hours. They ran many different blood tests but nothing checked out. However he was stable at the time. The next day they went to her vet at Pittsburgh Spay & Vaccination Clinic to hopefully find some answers. They did more blood work and still no answers. Her vet gave her tay's vitals and referred her to Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center where the nightmare begain. They had to wait 2 hours for another repeat exam. Then they requested that tay spend the night which she did not want to do but she was at there mercy to make poor tay better. The next day they called at 11:30 they Finally had an answer. Multiple myeloma. Apparently this is a rare type of cancer for a cat. Altho treatment is available (which she was willing and ready to do) there is no cure. They then stated tay was doing fine and was able to come home. This was during the week so she was still at work. As she watched the clock awaiting quiting time to go get her little buddie they call at 2:30 which is only 3 hours later but to only break her heart. They told her there was Complications and that he died. So in 3 hours he went from fine to dead. But it didnt stop there. come to find out Tay did NOT die as a result of his disease but rather as a result of malpractice and negligence. PVSEC performed an unauthorized procedure which caused him to bleed out internally. Without my consent, and knowing the potential risk of excessive bleeding due to his condtion, they took 3 biopsies of his spleen and he bled out alone in a cage until they found him dead. (In the words of my aunt) I want everyone to know this so perhaps I can save some one the heartache of a similar situation. I knew I would eventually lose Tay but they robbed me of the time we had left together as well as a proper goodbye. Please pass this along so everyone is aware that although these people may have you believe they have your pets better interest at heart, they have their own agenda. I specifically told them that I did NOT want any further procedures done and that I just preferred to bring him home and make him comfortable. My grief at this point is unbearable as I thought I was leaving my sweet little boy in capable hands and I am now faced with a life time of regret. If I had only taken him home that night instead of letting them keep him, perhaps he"d be here, purring by my side as usual. Perhaps I wouldn't have the heartache of feeling that I abandoned him with strangers, alone and scared to live out his last hours. I do not want anyone else to have this guilt or feel this pain. Please think twice before taking your beloved to PVSEC for care. She then went to pick tay up to take him home to lay him to rest they made her sit there and wait 3 hours for tay to be ready to go home. The reason they gave was they need to get his paper work for his file together for her. Please sign this petition to help speak out for all the animals that may end up at Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Center for any reason. Remember they cant speak up for themselvs. Without you they have no voice. Please share on facebook,Twitter,and Google+.

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