Fund Safe Passages: Keep students safe and build police and community relationships

Fund Safe Passages: Keep students safe and build police and community relationships

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Lisa Buettner started this petition to Pittsburgh Public School District and

Violence and Safety are public health issues! This initiative will address both. Infinite Lifestyle Solutions, Pittsburgh Morrow, and Pittsburgh Police Zone 1 started this initiative and was active for 2 weeks until Covid 19 shut down the schools in 2020. The goal now is to fund the program so it can start back up in the North Side  - where a student's life was lost due to community violence just recently at school dismissal - as well as hopefully expanding it across the district. 

Our expected outcomes are:

  1. Decrease violence in community and school.
  2. Build relationships with peers, community, and Police officers. 

More prevention results in less interventions.  Invest in youth before high school.

Restorative Safe Passages is a combined effort to build relationships with students, adults, and police officers. To decrease community violence among students and provide safety before, during, and after school.

  • Resource Police Officers will visit the school during regular hours and participate in restorative circles weekly. Resource officers will begin building relationships with students. Connections before corrections (Bulls, 2019). Community members with child clearances will do the same. 
  • Once a week Resource officers will conduct a ride along with a school administrator to identify any student in potential danger or conducting any inappropriate behaviors. 
  • Safe houses established in the community on the route to and from school. These are places where students feel safe and can report to a trusted adult any potential threat of danger. 
  • Community members of Brighton Heights have volunteered to be safety patrols. 
  • Morrow students have also been identified as school safety patrols. 

Please sign to petition for the district to put money that they have stated is devoted to these safety efforts towards the program right now so the work can start!

32 have signed. Let’s get to 50!