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Stop blaming the zoo for the recent tragic death of a young boy

This petition is intended to rally support for the Pittsburgh zoo in light of the tragic accident that recently occurred there. It is extremely tragic that the young boy lost his life but it is also tragic that the painted dog died as well and that the zoo is now being criticized by some (including the mayor of Pittsburgh) for something that was a result of extreme human error. The pittsburgh zoo is a leader in preservation and education and is a VERY safe place. This is the first death in 114 years and they recently excelled at their safety inspection in September. Humans tend to expect wild animals to exhibit only the delightful behaviors that benefit us, but the truth is they are animals and will naturally act in accordance to their natural instincts and behavior. If we use them for our enjoyment, we should also own responsibility for their safety, respect them, cherish them, understand them and protect them. THE PITTSBURGH ZOO DOES WONDERS FOR THE COMMUNITY, FOR ENDANGERED ANIMALS, FOR SPECIES SURVIVAL, FOR EDUCATION AND FOR EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US WHO HAVE MADE MANY MEMORIES THERE AND WE NEED TO STAND BEHIND THEM NOW, WHEN THEY NEED IT THE MOST.
If you agree, please share this petition and/or write to the mayor of pittsburgh and show your support for the zoo. Here is the link to the contact page...

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  • Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl: SUPPORT the Pittsburgh Zoo after tragedy

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