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The war on drugs is a failure.
The United States has spent billions, arrested too many, and is now lagging behind the statements of international governing bodies by continuing its failed war on drugs.
As it is the governments job to follow the will of the people, I am asking people to sign this petition to be delivered to the city council in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to decriminalize marijuana.

Letter to
Individual activist Pittsburgh City Council
I am asking Pittsburgh to follow the lead of other municipalities, cities, and states in the legalization of marijuana.
Legalizing marijuana makes good sense. It has been labeled a soft drug, and is used as medicine as well as for recreational use.
I am asking the Pittsburgh City Council to do an inquiry into have many people are arrested for pot use in the city each year. I am then asking the city to determine honestly if it is more prudent to legalize carrying an ounce or less of marijuana in the city.

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