My university should have more professors that are black women.

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Women of color and especially black women are poorly represented on Pittsburg State University's campus. Excuses I've heard from faculty are lack of applications from black women, but that's no longer a justification. Where is the representation on campus? Where is the representation on other campuses? Why is this a nationwide problem? You have the power to sign this and bring attention to it for the women that never see themselves represented in professional settings.

Because black women are so underrepresented on college campuses, it is time to take a look at why. Asking these questions begins the fight for equality in the professional workforce. What part of the selection process do they get dropped? What happens in the process of becoming a professor that prevents them from applying? This petition supports the movement to answer these questions and bring attention to the ever dwindling number of BIWOC (Black/Indigenous/Women of Color) as collegiate professors.

As soon as someone steps into college, they are beginning a new step to the rest of their lives. Imagine the heartbreak and disappointment when the only people you see that have the same skin color and gender as you are the other students. The isolation that occurs for BIWOC students when most of their professors are white, is detrimental to their mental health and their lives. BIWOC should never have to feel that way when beginning a new chapter of their lives.