Replace Sodexo at the University of Pittsburgh

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Manny Marotta
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It is time for University of Pittsburgh students to stand up to Sodexo and emancipate ourselves from its monopoly on campus dining options.  In October of 2018, an Allegheny County Health Department inspection of Pitt's Market Central yielded alarmingly negative results.  According to the Pitt News, the Sodexo-run dining hall violated 14 out of 25 Food Saftey Assessment categories.

Pitt is a respected world-class university whose students deserve catering services that don't potentially put their health at risk.  It is not a radical idea that students paying for a multi-thousand dollar meal plan should not be forced to consume food that is undesirable and quite possibly unsafe.

"Numerous school districts and other institutions — including eleven universities — have canceled some or all contracts with Sodexo, and many are happy with the change" according to the Huffington Post.  It is time for the University of Pittsburgh to do the same.

Pitt parents, students, and faculty are encouraged to voice their opinion on this matter and demand that the University of Pittsburgh ameliorate its dining options by replacing Sodexo with a more reliable, professional contractor.

Please share the Allegheny County Health Department report below to spread awareness and show Pitt parents and students what their money is paying for:

Also, because our current employees are amicable and hard-working people, Pitt students hope they will be offered positions with Pitt's next food services provider.  While concerned students and parents want to see Sodexo replaced, we do not intend for any current employees to lose their jobs. 

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