Legalize Unlicensed OHV on Pitkin County Roads

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Pitkin County Colorado just passed a law, prohibiting and cracking down on unlicensed off highway vehicles (OHV) from riding on public, county roads. Despite being legally "registered" through OHV, there is no way for many of these vehicles to be legally "licensed", posing a problem for many of the law abiding, "purchasees" of the OHV permit.

The Pitkin County Government conducted a “survey” of 500 people (in a County of nearly 18,000), and claims 65% of those 500 people were in favor of the restrictions. That equates to 325 people of Pitkin County, making a decision for 18,000 individuals, which effectively a 2% decision. This petition is to get signatures to give the majority of Pitkin County a voice.