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We the British people call on the government to bring stability and end terrorist ingress.

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We the British people call on the government to bring this ship onto an even keel, now we have weathered the EU storm and it is written in law that we are leaving the EU it is time to put the peoples minds at rest as regards loosing the fight against terrorism and spending unnecessary copious amounts of our tax revenue on uninvited and unwanted illegal aliens and those who have proven to be criminally minded and so undeserving of our hospitality.

This petition is open to all British subjects regardless of creed colour or religion.


We the British people demand that,


(1)              Our border control agencies be expanded and given the powers to seek out and deport on sight any proven illegals with no resort to appeal until they reach their country of origin.

This will include those supposedly claiming asylum who have skipped through the first safe country on their way to Britain, which automatically put’s them outside international law and practices.


(2)             Deport or intern any terrorist suspects on the present terrorist suspect lists until it can be proven they are safe to be released into the community.


(3)             Deport on release or conviction any EU or non British criminals convicted of serious crimes.


(4)             Arrest and charge all persons calling for the death of any other citizen for any reason.


(5)             Arrest and charge all persons calling for or practicing any law other than British law or calling for the overthrow of the crown or government of Great Britain.


(6)             Treat all religion’s and cultures equally in the eyes of the law with no special leniencies for newcomers.

Ignorance of the law has never been a viable excuse for lawbreakers in the UK.


(7)              We demand any laws in place from outside bodies such as the UN and EU should be changed if they interfere with Britain’s ability to stabilize the present unacceptable situation as regards security of the people of the UK.  


(8) In view of the fact we have signed article 50 and are therefore a non EU member all borders to be manned 24/7 and all vehicles to be checked physically for illegal aliens any found to be returned immediately to the port of their last call from outside the UK, with no grounds for appeal.

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