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Epilepsy vs PIP Refusals

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Make Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessments fairer for people with epilepsy

We know that there is a real issue for people with epilepsy when it comes to applying for PIP, with an inexplicably high number of refusals. There appears to be little or no understanding of how these disabilities affect those who live with them, and their families. This has to change.

My sister has epilepsy…she was refused PIP in october 2016. These disabities are NOT a selection of seperate incidents that can be overcome without after effects. Every day it is a case of waking up not knowing how your disability will effect you that day; Will you have one, two, three, end up in an ambulance, in hospital overnight, will you suffer physical injury because of your attack, will you have more neurological damage. it is a life long, 24/7 issue that does not stop when you go to bed at night. A high percentage of seizures can be nocturnal sometimes without the sufferer knowing about it until they wake up in the morning. Some people can go months without suffering a seizure and then have a cluster of seizures which leads to them being in hospital sometimes for up to a week. A lack of physical seizures does not mean that the illness is not  there. It is always present in the mind of the person and their carers and family. A person with  epilepsy should not, according to guidelines travel on their own, consume alcohol, learn to drive ( without being a minimum of 12 months free of Any issues), or be in charge of any machinery.            
When it comes to work and employment, employers can be reluctant to employ people with epilepsy. They see the risks that come with employing someone who has seizures. What if they hurt themselves, or someone else? What if they have to have time of work? The majority of people with epilepsy would be delighted to have a job to support themselves, but due to the unpredictable nature of the condition, and the potential side effects it can be difficult to find the right employment.  It is not a case of discrimination but of safe working enviroments and practices. A successful PIP application allowes the person a degree of independence and financial stability leading to less stress in their day to day life.   We want you to sign our petition so we can highlight this issue with MPs and assessment providers like ATOS and Capita to show them that something has to change. 

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