Award Denis Urubko and Adam Bielecki

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Many of you will be aware of the incredible rescue that took place on Nanga Parbat on Saturday 27th January 2018.


Two Climbers, Tomek Mackiewicz and Elizabeth Revol, attempting a winter ascent of Nanga Parbat were trapped high on the mountain, with no hppe of survival. Rescue at this altitude, in those conditions, was impossible. 


The only people in world capable of mounting a rescue attempt were an acclimatised team on K2. Upon receiving the call, Denis Urubko and Adam Bielecki did not hesitate in agreeing to try. It cannot be overestimated quite how selfless this act would be, or how much risk they put themselves under in even trying.


The worldwide mountaineering community came together overnight, raising the needed funds to get a helicopter to K2 to transport the rescuers. The Polish Government amazingly stepped in to cover the cost.


With no hope, Denis and Adam arrived at Nanga Part and with light packs (they didn’t even take a tent!) charged up the mountain, climbing 1200m in total darkness on incredibly dangerous ground. They found Elizabeth, and saved her life. Heartbreakingly, Tomek now sleeps on Nanga Parbat.


This is one of the most audacious, impossible, inspiring and unbelievable rescues in the history of mountaineering. 


I am launching this petition to ask, on behalf of the worldwide mountaineering community, that Denis and Adam be recognised with the highest possible honour in the Piolet D’or for their heroism. I implore the powers that be to demonstrate to these climbers just how much we appreciate their incredible feat.


To Denis and Adam our signatures say this: Thank You. You have saved Elizabeth’s life, but you have also reminded us of, and rekindled the true spirit of mountaineering and our community. You define the “brotherhood of the rope” and light millions of fires around the world in the hearts of mountaineers.


Whatever God you may believe in, these boys are proof that he is watching, and will send his angels when we are most in need.




Please all donate whatever you can, whether it is 1,10, 15 of your currency to the fund for Tomek’s family. Come on, as a worldwide community lets set this family up for life and allow them to grieve their husband and father whilst living in his incredible legacy. The Link is below:

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