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Native Americans aren't mascots!

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A local high school, Pinson Valley High, uses "Indians" as their mascot.  I had a conversation with the principal (not the same person who is principal now) a few years ago about it, and she basically told me that it was too expensive to do the right thing and change it.  Ii n this day and age, I would hope that we could all be more culturally sensitive than to continue to use mascots of people groups that don't wish to be reduced to mascots.  Nobody these days would tolerate a team being called "Negroes", for instance, yet people persist in thinking it's somehow okay to disrespect others if the group is Native American.  

My son's father is Cherokee, and I would like to not have to explain to him why people at a local school are dressing up like a caricature of Native Americans in the interest of "school spirit" instead of honoring ALL people by refusing to demean in this way.  Native Americans have made it clear repeatedly that they do not appreciate this treatment.


I understand the costs to change the mascot are large, but the costs to the people marginalized by continuing to use this offensive mascot are even greater.  Additionally, it doesn't teach those who aren't Native American to respect others.  I implore you to start the process to choose a different, less offensive mascot.

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